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Are you making career limiting mistakes?

Whether you are a Business Owner with a bold vision,  or a Corporate Leader being challenged to create a high performing team,   you might be sabotaging your own success.   It’s no longer good enough to use basic success techniques. In today’s market,  you need every advantage to  stand out, and Authenticpower has the hidden formulas to get you to your  vision.

Authenticpower Consulting, with its 30 years of transformational experience, offers solutions to both corporate and business leaders with proven results time and time again.    

Coach Jane MorrisonEstablished in 2000 by internationally known expert and coach Jane Morrison, Authenticpower merges  leadership and business in a transformative way.  She brings to the table years of corporate training at the C-level, years of direct leadership experience and knowledge running her own business.

Her thriving company has led hundreds of clients through proven success formulas to achieve superior communication skills, increased wealth, synergistic working conditions, and ability to boost to higher levels of success.   Clients return again and again for her strategic expertise, reporting life changing results and refer others to her exclusive programs.

Working with Jane is a much different experience than working with any other coach because:

  • Expert experience, years of solid management and savvy business knowledge
  • Her level of commitment, dedication and follow through
  • Certified as a Coach, she gets  “it” right away
  • Dramatic laser focused techniques boost your profit right away
  • Delivers solutions from the first interview, doesn’t waste precious time. 
  • Understands the challenges of both big and small companies, knows how to solve the problem, and goes to the core without guess work
  • Encourages  you to take risks to  trigger you to the next level and beyond
Maybe it’s time for YOU to  arrange a “Strategic Action Plan” call with Jane today.


Jodi Baglien

“For me, working with Jane on my business is like working with a magic white board!!! I tend to think best when talking out loud and collaborating, and she has been instrumental in moving me out of my “mind swamp” of ideas, issues, and fears to clarity about my business. After a session with her, I am clear about what I need to do next, get it done, and feel confident with my choices. Gone is the confusion and feeling of overwhelm. I owe my business success to her!”

Jodi Baglien
Practitioner of Well Being and CEO,

Joe Molinaro



“Jane has been invaluable in helping me start my new business. Her knowledge of marketing has helped me in the creation of my business plan, and our discussion kept me on track. She helped me fine-tune my ideas, and had many useful suggestions. Working with her allowed me to prioritize my tasks, and has helped me manage my time to maximize productivity. I have a working business and highly recommend her as a marketing consultant.”

Joe Molinaro
Owner, Active Hearing & Audiology

Donna Busch

“In today’s world as a business owner we have so many balls in the air and we must pick and choose what works,  but as a people pleaser I found it hard to say ‘no’ when others would say they had an opportunity for me. So then I would be even more overwhelmed. Then I hired Jane and she helped me get my business back on track and to make those really hard decisions for today’s world. I learned about my values, what opportunities had value to me and what I had to let go of to be a success in my life. She helped change my life in a positive way. I found balance, boundaries, time management, and learned about how to value myself as a business owner by getting clear on my products, services and to charge what I am worth. She helped me – oh so much more than a business coach! She was my life-line to myself.”

Donna Busch
Owner, Uniquely Yours Interior Redesign