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My Story

As a middle kid of 6, I was the one with the strongest emotions, the softest heart,  the most sensitive feelings. I thought these were a detriment and often felt vulnerable because of them.

What I learned after I had lost, and then found myself, is that these are the gifts that make me who I am. They make me able to do my best work. Now l love, appreciate and cherish them.

Let me back up a bit. At the age of 39, I found myself floundering and unfulfilled in a midlife crisis.

I had taken a typical career route, seeking promotions and leadership roles and increasing my income. But the result was feeling like I had sold my soul, working in a dysfunctional work climate. I was frustrated by the ineffectiveness of leadership, the lack of employee engagement. The customer service was lousy. I was a Change Agent by nature, and working for a company that was not progressive was killing me.

I brought my stress home every night. I was not only miserable at work, but unhappy in my marriage.  I had totally lost my sense of self.

I knew I had to make big changes, but had no ideas what to do, or how to do it. I was terribly afraid of making a wrong move. I longed to use  my leadership skills and apply them in an arena where I could make the most impact.

I got through that crisis with the help of a career transition support group, a counselor and a few good friends.

And I reinvented myself. I spent 3 years studying to be a Life, Career and Executive Coach. I polished up on my presentation, speaking and training skills. Then I made the leap of faith to follow my heart, quit my job and open my business.

Scary and inexperienced, but knowing I needed to do something or become as complacent as my co-workers, I opened the doors to my business and never looked back.

That year was  2001. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and companies to bring them lasting success. My range of experience, commitment and passion will help you with your goals too! Are you ready?
  • Expert experience, years of solid management and savvy business skills
  • Understands the challenges of both large and small companies
  • Will support and encourage you to take risks that will boost you to the next level.

My Favorite Projects

I spoke to a large audience of professional women on leadership. When I finished, I received a standing ovation that moved me to tears.

The next day a woman who was in the audience wrote me with the news that thanks to what she learned, she now felt confident to stand up for herself, professionally, in difficult situations.

That woman asked me to Coach her and help her learn to be a successful leader. She was a female in a male dominated environment and often felt inadequate and unsure of how to communicate and hold her ground.

I saw her skills and confidence grow dramatically! She grew from an insecure and verbally impulsive employee to one who is now chosen for special projects and leadership roles. She and I keep in touch to this day, and we coach once a month to keep her skills sharp.

I was hired to Coach and teach communication skills to a General Manager of a Fortune 500 company.

This man believed in being the “tough guy” and had alienated his staff with his sharp tongue and heavy expectations. He was quick to point out mistakes and shame his staff in public. Staff had lost respect and were operating out of fear, not loyalty.

This was a most precarious situation that needed delicate intervention. Observing him in meetings, teaching him new ways to build relationships and effectively communicate not only earned his staff’s loyalty, but within 18 months, he was able to enhance his skills and was hired as CEO of a 100M technology company.

The Small Business Administration hired me to coach and consult with start up businesses.

Having once been a budding new entrepreneur my self, I could understand their overwhelm but was able to cut the learning curve short for them, and assisted with strategic planning and business development. Most exciting was seeing these brave people who had dreams be able to follow their hearts and earn a livelihood from their new businesses!

Showing a one-person shop how to expand, hire employees and have more in his life than working 12 hours days solo.

Now he could work ON his business instead of IN his business. His earning potential tripled. He could take vacations with his family and his business kept running and earning money. He could focus on his hobbies. His stress level was reduced significantly and his joy in life increased dramatically.

Having moved into a new suburb of Minneapolis, I found myself lonely and isolated as a small business owner.

Instead of accepting that, I knew other entrepreneurial women must have been feeling the same. I founded a women’s networking group, “Women’s Connections” which quickly grew into multiple chapters. These groups met monthly and women created strong friendships and did business together. With monthly speakers and opportunities to learn business strategies, these members’ skills, income and confidence grew. This is still in existence 15 years later.

Jane Morrison
Jane MorrisonReinvention Strategist
My mission is to help you have incredible confidence, a deep sense of joy and fulfillment in your work, and an alignment with your calling. Being your personal best and creating your best life, at work and play. With over 20 years of leadership experience and as a Master Certified Life Coach, I work with clients from all walks of life and around the world to be strong leaders of their own endeavors.