A sign of a good leader is not knowing ALL the answers but rather knowing WHEN to ask for help…

While working with a strong leader, A CEO who is charismatic, engaging, who makes decisions well and is a proven leader in his organization, it was uncovered that he often felt uncomfortable in one particular area. – being vulnerable.

During coaching, this strong leader admitted that he felt he always has to have the answer to every problem to avoid others judging him as being weak. Real or not, this is his perception.

What steps can change the fear of being judged?

  1.  Realize that vulnerability is necessary to create trust and trust is necessary for building strong relationships.
  2.  Know that it is OK to not have all the answers. An outcome of this is that by not being perfect, others do not feel the need to be perfect and may more freely ask for help and seek guidance.
  3.  By involving others in problem solving, obtaining more and better solutions occurs. Putting heads together is an opportunity to share knowledge and information that can lead to buy in and make others feel inclusive. People feel more connected when asked for their opinion or involvement.

Result: Through the creation of stronger relationships, an increased openness and respect develops which leaves much less room or need for the fear of judgment.