Mindset & Motivation Coaching

A Mastermind circle is based on the idea that every member has something to learn and every member has something to contribute. 

Our “Inspired Leader’s Mastermind Circle” is for Leaders (Executive Directors, Presidents, CEOs, leadership team, Business Owners, HR Staff, Development Directors, Mid-Level Managers) who understand the value of a diverse peer-directed learning environment.

Using the Mastermind philosophies from Napoleon Hill’s classic book  “Think and Grow Rich,” participants will explore a success theme during peer meetings. We meet the first Thursday of the month.

The format of the mastermind learning circle may include presentations, exercises, activities and discussions. At each session, we will explore and share the new knowledge, skills and attitudes that are referenced in the book and then start to define how we can begin to apply them in our current professions.

The goal is to learn and expand our leadership potential, but also support each other’s learning. A desired outcome of the learning circle is that the cumulative sharing, support and brainstorming that occurs during each session will lead to greater opportunities to support leadership and career growth.

Join us for a time to network, create business opportunities, learn and share.


Learn what other have to say about Business Coaching with Jane 

“I’ve been a member of the networking group for the past year. Jane has great vision and will continue to grow ourselves and our businesses through education and connection. Everyone should check out the leadership group. It is a wonderful place to learn, connect and take time for yourself as a leader.”
Wendy Van Bergen, Account Manager, Atlas Staffing, Inc.