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The Key to Happiness

Discover Your Inner Goddess 

  • Do you wish you had more joy in each day?
  • Feel out of sorts and pulled in too many directions? 
  • Ready to learn the secret to happiness?   

Finding life balance and joy is a real challenge in our fast paced world.            

 Join us for a unique experience that will teach you what’s really important in your life and bring you peace and harmony with your inner self.   



We all have one, someone to guide us and show us our way, but have you met her?

Once you meet  your inner goddess,  you’ll know YOUR REAL KEY to HAPPINESS

LOCATION: Jodi Baglien’s Wellness Center  221 1st Ave NE, Osseo, MN

TIME: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. ( Open House 5-8)


Cost – Suggested donation $15 

Stop in anytime during the evening!

Wisdom Wednesdays at

 Take time for yourself at Wisdom Wednesday to put life back into perspective. 


About the presenter: 

Jane Morrison has been a Life and Career Coach to people for the past 15 years. 

She is passionate about people finding their authentic self, following their dreams 

and living life to the fullest. Author of “Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women,”she is an expert on the mindset of success.  

Trouble Focusing?

If you are anything like me, and I know you are,  you’ve got a variety of things on your plate that distract you from begin able to focus on a task  one at a time are faced with trying to fit a multitude of tasks into each day and usually have extensive to-do lists.

I’m often tempted to multitask, and multi-tasking seems to be a way of life but is it efficient?

If you are multi-tasking, it means you are not fully focusing on one task. The result is that you cannot give your best quality of work or thought to any task. You are being mediocre at everything.

Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite authors, says – “You cannot succeed in life by scattering your forces and trying to do a dozen things at the same time.”

Even the Mayo Clinic offers 4 ways to help you learn how to focus better – read more

Here are 5 strategies to help you focus and concentrate better:

  1. Prioritize the tasks you plan to focus on and want to accomplish. Be realistic – a good rule of thumb is 3 tasks for a day.
  2. Work in an environment that makes it possible to focus without interruptions (that means turn off the phones, e-mail alerts and social media), and which is pleasing to your senses.
  3. Plan and schedule what you plan to do and accomplish ahead of time. Work in focused bursts – 50 minutes, then a break, then another 50 minutes on the task, if needed. Then move onto the next task after a break. Work when your energy levels are at their peak.
  4. Check out this how to focus mind map that is sure to make you smile but also relate to it.
  5. You can download a free eBook on how to focus.

I know implementing new habits are difficult, but being able to fully focus can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Just try one strategy at a time and make it a habit and then add another, and so forth. Before long, you’ll find that you are getting more done and that it is of a better quality than if you were still multi-tasking.

With your new focusing habits, you’ll also realize the tasks that you should be delegating out, tasks that really don’t need to be done and thus can be eliminated. Being able to focus will clarify what are the most important tasks that need to be done in your business but it will also allow you to feel more freedom, less stress, and create more success.

If you need resources, let me know, as I’ve got my trusted list available to share.

My very best,  Jane Morrison  

AuthenticPower Consulting ~ Executive Coaching

Leadership & Business Development  

Office: 763.262.6467

Cell:      612.419.6002

Three Keys to Attracting More Ideal Clients

Are you always wondering how to get more clients? All too often, the answer I hear is, “yes”. But why is it so difficult to keep your business full of ideal clients? 

Here are 3 key tips to getting more ideal clients:

1.  Take an objective and detailed look at your marketing strategies. Are you using the shotgun approach or are you really strategically lasering in on your target audience. The only way you can be strategic in reaching your ideal client is to know everything you can about them.

Everything from your website, to the products you create, to the design/topic/price point of your services, and to your marketing strategies must be based on your ideal client. Doing an in-depth analysis to learn everything you can about your ideal client and then meeting their needs is how you will attract them.

2.  Personal contact and connection. Have you seen the trend for businesses not to have their phone number on their contact page? Just that one simple act can cost getting clients. Potential customers who contact you want to feel a connection with you, to be able to get answers to see if you are ‘right’ for them, and to see if you have the answers, they are looking for. Look at your business model as a customer and see how ‘approachable’ you are for them to be able to first connect and speak with you, and adjust accordingly. Be approachable, show your personality, and be easy to connect with.

3.  Instead of depending on your website ‘buy’ button for gaining clients, realize that YOU are the most powerful sales tool you have in your marketing arsenal. Being much more cognizant of not only making sure, you create the ‘sales moment’ but also of ‘closing the sale’ during your conversations with potential clients.

Increase your self-confidence and awareness of your language to create sales moments and then being able to close the deal will definitely increase the number of clients you serve.

Gaining more clients is really about how you can better communicate and serve them. Try implementing or improving on these 3 key marketing elements in your business to gain more of your ideal clients and your business will grow. 

If you would like assistance in more fully implementing the 3 key strategies for gaining more clients mentioned in this blog, please call me at 763-262-6467 so that together, we’ll make sure you start gaining more ideal clients.

My very best,  Jane Morrison  

AuthenticPower Consulting ~ Executive Coaching

Leadership & Business Development  

Office: 763.262.6467

Cell:      612.419.6002


Becoming a Better Leader




 A sign of a good leader is not knowing ALL the answers but rather knowing WHEN to ask for help…


While working with a strong leader, A CEO who is charismatic, engaging, who makes decisions well and is a proven leader in his organization, it was uncovered that he often felt uncomfortable in one particular area. – being vulnerable.


During coaching, this strong leader admitted that he felt he always has to have the answer to every problem to avoid others judging him as being weak. Real or not, this is his perception.


What steps can change the fear of being judged?


  1.  Realize that vulnerability is necessary to create trust and trust is necessary for building strong relationships.

  2.  Know that it is OK to not have all the answers. An outcome of this is that by not being perfect, others do not feel the need to be perfect and may more freely ask for help and seek guidance.

  3.  By involving others in problem solving, obtaining more and better solutions occurs. Putting heads together is an opportunity to share knowledge and information that can lead to buy in and make others feel inclusive. People feel more connected when asked for their opinion or involvement.


Result: Through the creation of stronger relationships, an increased openness and respect develops which leaves much less room or need for the fear of judgment.


Doing What I Feared Most

Why I Love Motorcycling              

As the big 5-0 crept closer to reality, I decided I wanted to do something to celebrate my life.  In other words, I wanted to do something I feared, because I wanted to conquer fear.  I wanted to live the rest of my life, knowing that fear would not get in my way.  I wanted to feel the fear and do it anyway.

That’s when I decided to get my motorcycle license. Nerve racking it was, being the oldest one in our small group of novices, a group much younger and more agile than me.

But my fellow riders in training were on my side, and when I tipped over going through a turnabout “S” turn, they came running to my help to pick me up and dust me off.

After a weekend of training out in the sun and rain in full gear, I proudly passed the test, being told by the instructor “she would be proud to ride with me.”  I had learned so much about motorcycle safety, but more, about my own ability to push fear down and conquer it.  

I came home to a “surprise”, a new motorcycle in the garage that fit me like a glove. This loving gesture by my husband was a supportive way to be sure I used my new found skills – smart man! With his mentoring, it didn’t take me long to enhance the riding skills I learned, out on the open road.

I’ve ridden thousands of miles since then, and when faced with an uncomfortable situation in life, often think of the hurdle I jumped over when I decided to begin riding. Here are my top 5 reasons I love motorcycle riding:

1)      It makes me mentally sharp. Riding requires being in the present moment. I love the feel of the focus I have when engaging a machine under me. I become one with the bike, simultaneously taking in the sun, sky, road condition, oncoming traffic. It is a high to be that “on.” I am fully engaged,  not a care in the world, the only thing taking my attention is my riding.

2)      I feel alive. When on a bike, I am closer to nature, the earth, the elements than when in a car. Smells are amazing (good and bad), the sun and wind are exhilarating, the animals encountered, beautiful sunsets and wispy clouds make me feel connected and part of the nature’s world.

3)      I’m prepared for anything. When we ride, we choose to do it in full gear. It’s not like running out the door and hopping into my car. I prepare mentally, physically, knowing that whatever comes my way, I’m ready for it and have done my best to prepare. Preparing makes me feel safe and in control.

4)      It’s the best way to see the country. Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, the Grand Tetons, and the Smokey Mountains – everything is more breathtaking and beautiful when on a motorcycle. It’s truly being part of the scenery.

5)      The friends I’ve made. Belonging to a tribe of riders brings a camaraderie and sense of family. No matter what style or type of bike, bikers give each other the peace sign when passing and will help each other out whenever needed.  They understand one anothers need to be on the open road, free and focused on the journey.

It’s a blessing to have a hobby that takes me away from work, problems and that brings me joy. I know others have similar experiences while golfing, riding horses, or participating in a creative endeavor. Tell me, what’s your one passion you love, that melts worries and engages you fully?  


Ready to take a leap in your personal or business life? Jane works with executives, business owners, and people in transition who want to excel and skyrocket their business success.

Contact her at

© All rights reserved, Jane Morrison, CEO, Morrison Business Solutions




5 Ways to Make your Dreams Come True

The human mind is a powerful tool. It can solve complex problems, and also subconsciously sabotage our most amazing goals, things that we want to accomplish and just can’t seem to do because we hold ourselves back or defeat our best interests.  

Sometimes the act of self sabotage is far too common, keeping you from making the moves that will reach your goals and dreams.  You wind up frustrated, and beat yourself up with negative talk.

When I speak to audiences, one of my most popular presentations is on the topic of “Mastering your Motivation, 5 Secrets to Get From Where you are to Where you Want to Be”.

To make your dreams come true, make sure to have these practices in place:

1) Stop hiding.  You were meant to be big, meant to use your gifts, meant to make a difference in the world.  The world is waiting for you to do your calling, and be all you can be.

2) You must get support.  To stay motivated and true to your dreams, you need a mentor, a coach, a buddy to support you in the journey.

3) Stop expecting perfection from yourself. If you do, you’ll quit right after that first bump in the road, and there will be bumps in the road.

4)  Don’t give up if you fail the first time.  Life is about learning lessons, and the Japanese  proverb  says, “fall seven times, stand up eight”.  Tenacity is a human characteristic that will get you far. Everyone who accomplishes things does so because they stick to it.

5) Trust yourself and listen to your heart.  You heart knows, and the head gets in the way.


SPECIAL OFFER: If you’d like to experience a complimentary coaching session from me, and want to “get out of your own way” please send an email to YES, I’D LIKE TO EXPERIENCE A COACHING SESSION  or and that will be my gift to you.  

What strategies do you use to create your best life?

Ready to take a leap in your personal or business life? Jane works with executives, business owners, and people in transition who want to excel and skyrocket their business success.

As a Personal Branding Expert, she shows you how to “stand out for success.” Author of “Savvy Leadership Skills for Women Entrepreneurs” she is your advocate for marketing and mindset makeovers. Contact her at

© All rights reserved, Jane Morrison, CEO, Morrison Business Solutions

Are you your Own Worst Enemy? 3 Ways to Tell if you’re Getting in your Own Way

Motivation is a funny thing, and far too often the reason you don’t move forward or succeed on something you badly desire is because you get in your own way.

Why do you get in your own way and self sabotage when you clearly want something? From my own experience of coaching and mentoring clients over the past 10 years, I’ve seen some common patterns of human behavior emerge. If you recognize them in yourself, that’s awesome, because AWARENESS is the first step in making effective behavior and thought changes!

The need to look good or to be right:

How many times does ego get in the way of productivity? Far too often. We are afraid we may not get it right, so we work it and work it until the opportunity is gone. Results? Missed opportunities and bank accounts that don’t grow. Solutions? Start saying “yes” to things and make yourself finish them before going onto the next project. We’ve all heard “done is better than perfect” and when it comes to your business getting attention, you’ve got to STOP trying to be perfect and START finishing things that get you noticed!

The head in the sand syndrome: 

I can spot it a mile away. . . .there’s an excuse given for every little thing that does not go their way. Can’t exercise? Someone keeping them to busy. Can’t work on their action plan? Someone needed them badly and they could not let them down. Excuses are a way of letting yourself off the hook, but they only hurt the person making them. If  you can’t rely on yourself, unfortunately, your clients and prospects will quickly find out that the unreturned phone calls and promises are falling short, and they won’t be relying on you either. SOLUTION? Make promises to yourself and others ONLY if you can keep them, then do just that!

The fear of saying “hell yes” to ourselves and accepting joy, prosperity, happiness and success:

Do we dare accept ease? What about the voice in our head well established when we were growing up that said “if you want to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to work hard, and it won’t be easy!” Yes, we do need to stay focused on our goals, and put in the effort, but I have seen people literally knock themselves out with exhaustion and overwhelm because they don’t allow themselves to do anything but work their fingers to the bone. And, in that state of exhaustion, gone is their real efficiency, their real creativity and let’s face it, they’re not very attractive to a potential buyer when stressed to the max.

So step up to the plate, tell your other self that likes to hold you back to step aside, and shine your light in a way that is a beacon to others and gets you noticed! How have you stepped aside so you can be your very best??

How to Stop Struggling

I know all about the frustration of trying to move forward and feeling stuck.

I know all about having a vision and big dreams and not being able to get to the goal due to the challenges of technology and prospects saying “no.” 

Imagine what it would be like to have the easy answers at your fingertips.

Imagine what it would be like to get that project off your plate” so you can earn the income.

Imagine having the support as an entrepreneur to finally turn your passion into profit!

Join me for my complimentary TELECLASS this coming Monday, August 1st, to share some of the solutions that will allow you to stop struggling and feeling that you are going it alone.  

I’ll answer your questions about your business struggles on the call live.

I’ll share the top 5 reasons why you would want to join a mastermind group.

And most importantly, you’ll take away a cost effective solution to your business struggles.

I’ve made it easy! No sign up necessary! Mark your calendar!

Just DIAL INTO 1-218-632-9802

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On Monday August 1st at 10:00 PT, 12:00 CT, 1:00 ET.

Never before have I offered this free class, where in fact I am giving away free advice.

And, if you want a sneak peek on the Mastermind program, take a look here:

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