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My new client Jen was in tears as she shared how overwhelmed and stressed out she was, getting bogged down in the nitty gritty of building and running a business.  She was in a panic and frustrated, with the hours of the day flying by as she lost perspective, and getting little done.

When I broke down her business into 5 main areas, she was able to look at how she  was spending her time and rest assured, let out a big sigh of relief and feel good about herself.  As long as she was working on one of these 5 key areas, no longer was she feeling like she wasn’t doing enough, and the focus paid off!

She quickly gained more clients, more consistent streams of income, and became a more satisfied business woman!

So let me share what I taught Jen and that I practice faithfully

  1. Manage Myself – this is my first and most important job. If the CEO  (you!) is not in tip top shape, mentally, physically and spiritually, your  business will reflect that state.  Instead of feeling guilty for spending time relaxing or working out, I firmly believe that the time I spend meditating, working on a healthy lifestyle is keeping me re-energized, creative and actually more productive.
  2. Remember how valuable and awesome I am. What gets me out of a funk, motivated and raring to go?   Knowing that my next client is out there waiting for me to give them hope, tools, focus and stop the overwhelm, stress and frustration they are currently experiencing. When I look at my business as championing as many people as I can to be the person they are destined to become, I remember that I am in my calling and my life purpose.  This brings me passion and energy. Instead of thinking ‘sales and marketing,” I think “making a difference and being of service.”
  3. Define my services and programs. As I grow in own skills and enhance my education through advanced training, mastermind groups, and mentors, I find my programs and services morph.  I also add additional programs when my clients ask me for something. Having clearly defined products and services means I offer the most valuable transformational solutions that work for my growth and the growth of my clients. 
  4. Market my services. As I mentioned before, I think “who or how can I make a difference to others?” instead of the term “marketing.”  This philosophy makes my work  so much more real and meaningful for me.  I use a combination of online and
    office marketing strategies that I incorporate into my monthly calendar.
  5. Take really good  care of my clients: Actually, this step is my very favorite one. My clients come first in many ways. Their success is my success, and I am 110% committed to them. I go the extra mile to provide value to them, and seeing the transformational results that come about in their life and business….well, it’s just what I live for.

I have one more tip for you that I shared with Jen too. In order to fit these 5 Steps consistently in your business structure, you need to set good boundaries and delegate as much as you can to someone who can implement the technical and support pieces. I’ve learned the hard way that until you invest in both a Coach, and a Support Team, your business and income stay stagnant and below the energy you’re putting out.

Let me know what you think of my 5 Inspiring (but critical) Steps to a Successful Business,  and make it a great day!

Much love,


Ready to take a leap in your personal or business life? Jane works with executives, business owners, and people in transition who want to excel and skyrocket their business success. 

As a Personal Branding Expert, she shows you how to “stand out for success.” Author of “Savvy Leadership Skills for Women Entrepreneurs” she is your advocate for marketing and mindset makeovers.  Contact her at 

© All rights reserved, Jane Morrison, CEO, Morrison Business Solutions


  • Marian says:

    That’s great advices! Thank you.

  • Jane says:

    You’re welcome Marian, thanks for your comments.
    Warmly Jane

  • Sara says:

    Dear Jane, thank you for sharing these valuable steps. It is so easy to get sidetracked, worn down and too hard on ourselves that taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and re-focus is crucial. All the best!

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