Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to some of the most common questions about my coaching and reinvention programs.

My specialties are individual coaching, classroom teaching and leading groups.

How do you like to learn? One to one mentoring? Check out my Reinvent your Career, Reinvent your Business or Reinvent your Life pages.

Having group discussions with other like-minded group people with common goals?  Check out the Aspire Women’s Club and the Mindset and Motivation Business Club.

Or in a classroom type setting? I frequently teach in organizations.

I’ve created several programs to support you in the journey you’re in and offer a variety of ways for you to get the support you need.

If you are in a transition and don’t know what your next step is, check out one of my favorite self help books here. Get Unstuck Now:  Discover Your Next Steps and Love What You Do.

Great question! You certainly want a good fit when you invest in a Coach.  Here are a few things to look for.

1) How long someone has been in the profession and their breadth of experience.

2) What areas of expertise they have and what results they get their clients.

3) What is the person’s coaching style?

You want someone you can easily talk to and who accepts you where you’re at and supports, mentors and shows you the way to your future.  My style is highly effective, yet I make you feel comfortable.  Some coaches are a drill sergeant, that’s not me. I know when to push you into new ideas, when to hold up the mirror so you can see patterns that keep you stuck in old ways of thinking, and when to provide resources that will reinforce a new viewpoint. A bit more about me:

  1. I’ve had one of the highest levels of training available and am certified as a Coach by the International Coaching Federation.  Many coaches who practice are not certified.   I’ve been coaching others since 2001, and have helped hundreds of people, just like you break through their barriers and learn new skills, so you can be assured of my skill level.
  2. People who work no longer are confused and stuck. They gain clarity and strategies on their goals and greatly increase confidence to achieve them. Their level of joy increases, their stress levels decrease, they earn more money and have better relationships. These are some of the side benefits to achieving their specific goals.
  3. I offer a variety of products and programs to fit your budget and your needs. (See #7)

The best way to discover if I’m the Coach for you is to sign up for a coaching consultation. This is a complimentary session for you to get a feel for my style, ask me questions about my approach and learn how coaching will help you get to where you want to go. SIGN UP HERE

As a Coach I’m trained to show you your strengths, weaknesses and potential. Coaching brings out the best in you and shows you how to move forward with clarity and confidence.  Through regular coaching sessions, you gain clarity on your dreams and goals. We uncover your obstacles and challenges, and create strategies to overcome them.


First we get to know each other. I learn about your goals and dreams. We do an intake session that is a very powerful self-discovery session that shows you your core values. We prioritize your goals, create timelines, and get to work.

Part teaching, I also share my knowledge with you in the areas of personal leadership (the mindset of success), career and business development strategies, life balance tips, effective communication tools and more, so that you gain techniques to make the changes you desire in your life or business.

Because I coach clients all over the world, most of my coaching sessions are held over the phone from the convenience of your home or office, in 50 minute sessions, 2-3 times a month. Together we decide on the action steps you want to accomplish during the month. You can take some notes in a journal if you choose, but I keep track of your goals, progress and accomplishments. Expecting solid coaching from your friends, partner or spouse just doesn’t work well as they are too close to you.

Yes, a coach uses similar skills on any objective. However, here are a few of my specialties:

  • Life Coaching
  • Career Success
  • Women in Business
  • Leadership Skills and Career Transition/Promotions
  • Transitions: Life reinvention, Career, Business Growth

 I specialize in these coaching areas in 3 ways:

Navigation.   I provide direction and support as you go through transitions, teaching you how to match your personal values, skills, and gifts to a future plan. This is often a time of “reinventing “ yourself.

Creating Success. I specialize is teaching entrepreneurs how to be more successful business owners.   Women in business often have to overcome unique hurdles. They may have difficulty believing in their value and discount their prices, struggle with asking for the sale, or being consistent with marketing strategies. I teach them breakthrough techniques to be more profitable and have more balance in their life.

Leadership.   To accomplish anything, a person has to develop strong personal leadership skills.  Through my years in management, teaching workshops, and coaching I’ve taught others how to be strong effective leaders in their personal and professional life that have been the benchmark of successful new roles at work.


The cost of personal coaching ranges on average from $500 – $1000 per month, and my program costs are in that range.  The cost depends on the program content including personal assessments, frequency of meetings, length of program, etc.  Coaching services are often a tax-deductible expense, especially for the purpose of career transition or business development.

I guarantee you will make great progress towards your goals. The specific results a person gets from coaching cannot be guaranteed, but I DO guarantee your satisfaction with the coaching process and know you will derive great value from the coaching relationship.

Each month we’ll review your progress, and if at any time you are dissatisfied with the results, simply let me know. If you’ve taken all the actions you’ve agreed to and followed with a 100% commitment and willingness to progress, and you’re still not satisfied with the results of coaching, I promise to refund the portion of your coaching fee from that month.

The bottom line is, I want you to join my other happy and successful clients.