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The Fast Track of Technology: Stay on Top of It

The other day I met with the owner of a printing company, and when he shared his business card with me, I noticed the strange bar code like symbols on the back.

I have heard of QR codes (quick response) codes, but have not had the opportunity to put one into practice. I just recently purchased a new iPhone, and found that if I download a free QR application, I could hold my phone against his business card and have his website up for viewing in a second. How cool is that?

It seems that around every corner a new technology is available to us. It’s taken me awhile to embrace technology, but I have finally gotten to the point where I realize that it’s not slowing down. The more I stay on top of it and understand the use of new technology as a resource for my business, the less frustrated I am with it.

Take a look at this article here, that outlines more about QR codes and their purpose. Knowledge is power, and perhaps you can find a use for it in your business. Simple, easy to use, it’s another way to get in front of your clients and prospects.

How to FINALLY Conquer Procrastination

Have you ever wanted to get something done but kept putting it off?

Do you get frustrated by your own need to make things just right?

 Do you start out and easily get distracted and never finish what you intended to do

I’ve suffered from all these procrastination descriptions, and I guess I’m not alone, because according to the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University, up to 70 percent of North Americans struggle with procrastination.  

But I’m finally in a groove where I accomplish what I intend to do. 

So how do we accomplish what we really want to do? 

I’ll share my secrets and solutions with you, so you too can move forward with your dreams and goals. 

Join me in this hands on seminar where you will finally figure out:

1)  What’s REALLY important for you to get done

2)   What is your “prominent procrastination” profile

3)  The strategies and solutions you can use to overcome your suffering and guilt

4)  Easy steps to cure your  particular procrastination habits

5)  What’s really getting in the way of your procrastination

This “Class in Action” that will provide powerful worksheets that we’ll use during the class to get to the heart of your procrastination. You’ll also receive personal coaching from Jane to be able to get the breakthrough you need to move ahead. .

If you are FINALLY ready to break free of your procrastination bad habits…..then join us to discover solutions that really work! 

This class will be conducted by telesminar. That means you get to join us in the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a quiet place free of distraction, a telephone, and be ready to make some changes in your life.

Here’s an easy sign up link:

Just call at the designated time (1:00 PM Eastern; Noon Central; 11:00 AM Mountain; and 10:00 AM Pacific) and enter your pin number. It helps to have a headset. Please call from a landline since cell phones can cause distractions.

If you’d like to join us, but cannot make the date, be sure to register and we’ll send you the recording and worksheets that you can do on your own.



P.S. This class is F*R*E*E to my “Boost your Business Mastermind Group”. Check it out at