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Jane Morrison is a national speaker, reinvention strategist, and co-author of Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women.

Jane is known for her interactive, inspiring, and high-content programs. A veteran professional speaker, trainer, and facilitator, Jane has a warm presentation style that motivates people into new ways of thinking and results-oriented action.

A columnist for several internet sites, including and, Jane is a leadership, personal and business development expert who also writes articles for a variety of publications. She has been interviewed numerous times, by success experts, media and radio shows.

Jane is a Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation with a 25-year background in leadership and business development.

“Jane has so much heart and cares so much about helping others succeed. She is a dynamic presenter who shares innovative ideas and inspires all that attend her programs. Jane is the right choice when you are looking for a speaker that will both educate and uplift your audience.”
Caterina Rando, Self-Published Author and President, Thrive Publishing
“Jane Morrison is an engaging and authentic speaker. She has a way of bringing a group together and facilitates a learning experience that carries on long after the session ends. If you are looking for someone who can create an impact with your event, then Jane is your best choice!”
Sarah Patnode, Education Enterprise Manager, Anoka Technical College
Jane’s inspiring programs show people how to establish business success practices, use innovative ideas and apply practical proven strategies to easily attract clients and grow their businesses.
“Jane was the keynote presenter for the Administrative Assistant Conference entitled: ‘When Change Is The Only Thing You Can Count On – Imagine The Possibilities.’ Her presentation engaged the audience with ideas on how to think positively and take charge of an unknown future. She has a conversational speaking style and shares her life experiences in such a way as to make her very relatable as a speaker.”
Velvet Walker, Dean, Century College

Business Development Programs That Create Thriving Businesses!

Jane’s inspiring programs show people how to establish business success practices, use innovative ideas and apply practical proven strategies to easily attract clients and grow their business.

Popular Programs:

Mastering Your Motivation: 5 Secrets to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Everyone has dreams, goals, and ambitions… But not everyone reaches them. Understanding what gets in the way of your dreams is critical to their achievement. Break this frustrating topic into easily understood stepping stones so you can get past the hurdles that get in your way to success. You will learn:

  • How to Get Past the Common Barriers to Success
  • The Secrets to the Power of Visualization
  • The Key to Figuring Out What You Really Want to Do with Your Life
  • What #1 Thing Has to Be in Place for Success to Happen
  • The 5 Secrets that Have a High Impact on Accomplishing Your Goals and Dreams

Savvy Leadership: Be the Leader Others Want to Follow

Being seen as a leader is critical to your career, your team, as a business owner, and within your own family. Leadership skills are developed and once acquired, can propel you into a completely new way of interacting with others. Learn how to step up, be bold, and make a difference. You will learn:

  • How to Inspire Others and Why It’s the Key to Success
  • How to Use the 7-Step Courage Method as a Leadership Foundation
  • Learn 5 Steps to Establish a Winning Environment and Eliminate Conflict with Others
  • Discover the Process to Effective Leadership Coaching
  • Learn the #1 Action All Leaders Must Take for Successful Leadership

Success Secrets for Busy Entrepreneurs: How to Avoid the Common Mistakes that Make or Break Your Business

Business ownership does not come with an instruction manual and that’s evident with over 63% of businesses failing their first year and most entrepreneurs working way too hard to barely make a profit. Learn the critical mistakes that business owners make that must be avoided and how to apply 10 success principles in their place. You will learn:

  • Why Working Harder Is Not the Answer
  • How to Get Unstuck and Motivated into Bold Action
  • 7 Tips for Enhanced Outcomes with Clients
  • What’s the Most Misunderstood Part of Being a Business Owner
  • A Simple Action Step that Takes Less than a Minute to Drastically Increase Your Business
Jane’s Past Clients Include:

Anoka Ramsey Community College
Minnesota Parks & Recreation Department
Women Connections Network
Hennepin County Social Workers
Century College
Youth for Understanding USA
FM 107 Talk Radio
Graceland College
Anoka Community College
Alliant Techsystems Inc.
Women in Leadership Organization
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Northwest Realtors Association
Wells Fargo
Central Bank
Minnesota Association of Financial Professionals
College of St. Thomas
Ramsey Rotary
American Family Insurance