Transition Can Be Exciting, Yet Stressful

Are you in the midst of a career change or ready to start a business?

Making a big move in life? A change in relationships or roles? These “bumps in the road” can be rough patches and leave you feeling unsettled and unsure.

I’ve helped hundreds of people transition successfully to their next purpose, career or life adventure. You need someone at your side to help you sort through choices, see the forest through the trees and make good decisions.

At times of transition,  get help to create your vision of success, and keep your focus on the goal.

“Before working with Jane, I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed in my professional and personal life. Jane helped me clarify what direction I wanted to go in each of these areas and helped me create a game plan to move forward. I got clear on my marketing plan, my personal foundation plan, and that I needed to let go of some things that were holding me back. Jane was willing to listen on a very personal level and acknowledge my feelings and frustrations. Her support and feedback really helped me stay focused on moving forward and taking care of myself in the process. Not only is she very skilled but she has the wisdom of her life experiences that make her an even better coach.”

Mary Kay Aide
Certified Coach and Owner, Spa for Your Soul

In the Life Reinvention Program, you’ll learn more about your strengths, your core values, and why they are “your key to happiness.” You’ll move forward with confidence, a clear vision and strong strategies to create the future of your dreams.

“I was a woman stuck in a hole. I was a woman that always could climb out, yet this time the hole was so immense. I was mired down in all aspects of my existence-empty nester, old business practices, family relations. I needed some help pulling myself out of this hole that had me trapped for the last three years. Jane was the tow truck of my stuck life! Jane simplified my concerns and helped me define my priorities. Her unbiased, non-judgmental and open approach allowed me to address and conquer all the issues that were preventing me from moving forward. Working with Jane I gained momentum and confidence and my business is years ahead of where it would be without her. Jane didn’t just give me a ladder to climb out of this hole she gave me a shovel, and I now have a thriving business I love.”

Robin Dewitt
Owner/Operator, Blue Egg Market

Interested in learning more? Just set up a time to have a conversation about your situation.